TtM, a TeX to MathML translator

TtM translates from Plain TeX and LaTeX into HTML including the equations in the form of embedded MathML.TtM logo

MathML is a recommended standard for internet publishing of mathematics. It is too verbose to author directly and so needs authoring tools that can translate from a standard mathematics authoring markup such as TeX. Now TtM provides that capability.

TtM has essentially all of the capabilities of the highly acclaimed TeX to HTML translator TtH, since it derives from the same code base. It supports all the complexities of TeX except for some features that don't translate readily into HTML. In most cases, TeX and LaTeX documents that conform to the appropriate standards will translate immediately.

Obtaining TtM

TtM is now free of charge.

TtM executables are available for Windows/Intel and Linux platforms.
Please follow this link to the Linux version Download here. Check this linux ``readme'' file for linux installation.
You can alternatively download the Windows Version or the C Source
Check out this Wintel ``readme'' file for more information on installation, or this C-source README for licensing and other information.

A full 90kB manual comes with any version of the software.

Remember that popular browsers without additional installation of plugins or fonts are not able to render MathML. Obtaining these extra items is described below, but be aware if you publish MathML that your readers need this as well as you.

Getting Fonts for Mozilla [Linux]

Although Mozilla (and derivatives like Firefox and Netscape) have built in MathML rendering, they are not distributed with all the fonts they need. On linux you can install these fonts by using this handy script. Just download it to your computer and run it. It goes and gets the fonts and then (if you are root) installs them in a sensible place. This script only works with xft-enabled (fontconfig) builds of mozilla. These are the ones that have anti-aliased fonts. More details and fonts for Windows and other systems can be found at

MathPlayer Plugin for IE

For Internet Explorer an additional plugin is required. It is available free of charge from Design Science