TTH: a "TEX to HTML" translator.

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Version 4.04


TTH translates TEX documents that use the Plain macro package or LATEX, into HTML. It is extremely fast and completely portable. It produces web documents that are more compact and managable, and faster-viewing, than those from other converters, because it really translates the equations, instead of converting them into images.


1  Capabilities
    1.1  Plain TEX
        1.1.1  Mathematics
        1.1.2  Formatting and Macro Support
    1.2  LATEX
        1.2.1  Environments:
        1.2.2  LATEX Commands:
    1.3  Special TEX usage for TTH
    1.4  Unsupported Commands
2  Installation
3  Usage
4  Messages
5  Mathematics
    5.1  Equations
    5.2  In-line Equation Limitations
    5.3  Mathematics Layout Style Improvement using CSS
6  Features dependent on external programs.
    6.1  Independence of [La]TEX installation and the -L switch.
    6.2  BibTeX bibliographies
    6.3  Indexing
        6.3.1  Glossaries.
    6.4  Graphics Inclusion: epsfbox/includegraphics
    6.5  Picture Environments
7  Tabular Environment or Halign for Tables
    7.1  Tabular
    7.2  Halign
    7.3  Longtables
8  Boxes, Dimensions, and fills
TEX command definitions and other extensions
    9.1  Delimited-parameter macros and Conditionals
    9.2  Macro- and Style-file inclusion
    9.3  Layout to include arguments of unknown commands
    9.4  Restrictions on redefinition of internal commands
        9.4.1  Footnotes
10  Color
    10.1  LATEX Color
    10.2  Plain Color
    10.3  Limitations
11  Producing output split into different files.
    11.1  Overview
    11.2  Navigation Controls at File Top and Tail
    11.3  Special Precautions when Splitting Output
        11.3.1  Floats such as figures or tables
        11.3.2  Multiple Bibliographies
12  HTML and output
    12.1  Formal HTML validation
    12.2  HTML Styles
13  Browser and Server Problems
    13.1  Accessing Symbol Fonts: Overview
    13.2  Accessing Symbol Fonts: Details
    13.3  Printing
    13.4  Netscape/Mozilla Composer
    13.5  Other Browser Bugs
    13.6  Web server problems
14  Code Critique
15  License
16  Acknowledgements
A  Appendix: Non-Standard TEX Macros
B  Appendix: Frequently Asked Questions
    B.1  Building and Running TTH
    B.2  [La]TeX constructs TTH does not seem to recognize
    B.3  HTML output that does not satisfy
    B.4  How to write TEX designed for Web publishing
    B.5  Formerly Frequently Asked Now Rarely Asked