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Academic Interests

Science Research: plasma physics, controlled fusion energy. Please see my professional page.

Monopolizing Knowledge

Check out my new book about Scientism.

Veritas Forum.

I frequently speak at events organized by the Veritas Forum I was a keynote speaker at the 2007 MIT Forum on Science, Faith, and Technology.

Warfare and Wedlock: Redeeming Reason Conference 2006

You can access a recording of the this talk about science and faith at http://www.redeemingreason.org/archives/speakers/spk_hutchinsoni.html

Science Christian and Natural: American Scientific Affiliation Conference 2002

I gave a keynote speech entitled Science: Christian and Natural at the annual conference at Pepperdine University. Prison Fellowship Ministries reported on this talk in their Breakpoint web news. You might be interested in my original text, which is more nuanced than their reporting and is published in the Journal of the ASA .

Link to Other Writings on Science, Culture, and Christianity

My church

Is All Saint's Church, Belmont


Favorite Books (of the moment):
The Hutchinson family: Photo
(at Simon's graduation from Bates College.)

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